A Sister-Supported Journey To Manifest Your Healthy Goal

Are you being called to join our WOW circle of women?

I am calling together women who desire to bring forth into the Now that which they have been putting off for months or, even, years (!!!), yet know that with support, attention and focus, they can WOW themselves by reaching their desires, seeing their intentions realized for how they want to feel and reaching their goals for how they want to be in the world.

When is the last time you chose to focus on yourself, your goals? This program is a way to not only take time for yourself, but focus it intentionally on that health piece you are ready to birth! It's time to say YES to yourself, let go of fear, or whatever may be holding you back. This is a sister-supported journey to reach your goals. We are all here for each other!

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You have healthy goals that will make you FEEL BETTER, HAVE MORE ENERGY, RESPOND INSTEAD OF REACT, and make you the EMBODIED AND POWERFUL woman you are meant to be. To set and reach goals requires the ability to  embrace change, both on the path to that goal and in achieving it. Igniting the fire to want to make change is the first step. To keep going requires commitment and determination. Are you reaching your goals? Do you want support? There's a place for you at the table...

Each women that joins this 14-week journey beginning on March 26th, 2018, is bringing to the altar of NOW something they are ready to transform into WOW! For me, this WOW is a way to bring community, sisterhood, focus and commitment to intentionally Working Out Wonderfully (WOW) that mental or physical habit we've wanted to manifest for ages. We may have been building resolutions around it for years, but somehow it has never made it to the front of the bus, and NOW is the time to MAKE IT MATTER!

Are you willing to do what it takes to make your dreams come true? At the center of reaching your goals is the need for self-reliance, self-worth and support. You Matter!!! Each person in this program will choose what they are bringing to the altar of NOW and we will set our intentions TOGETHER, be accountable for them, develop action plans, and allow our creativity to support the manifestation of the courage and willpower that will easefully help us walk the path to our goals. Being in community with others allows for new opportunities and experiences to occur and inspire us.  The people we choose to surround ourselves with have the biggest influence on our success. 

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Reaching goals is about getting command of your mind to make choices aligned with the path that gets you there! If you have your eye on a healthy goal, it's in your sights! This program will help you fine tune your vision to see the steps to get there. It will allow you to live your life according to your own expectations of what's possible and achieve those possibilities!

Every day that we make choices that are not in our best interest is a day that keeps us from our goals. A day that has passed where we are not living into the future we desire. Yes, there can be circumstances outside of your control that may make your goals challenging. I believe challenging goals motivate us to reach our potential. I believe support is the number one thing to help you get where you want to go!

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If you're walking a misaligned path and blaming it on everything and everyone else, you're only making it worse. You can stop yourself from getting what you dream. Is that what you're doing? It's okay. I've been there and done that, too. But you know what, You Can Choose The Path to GET WHAT YOU DREAM!  And I can support you in that choice! 

In this 14-week WOW program, there will be a secret online community, supportive sisterhood, Intentional Creativity journal prompts and online community coaching by yours truly (JP Kim) to act as your guides and be your pillars of strength to alchemize what has been holding you back. To let go of what is no longer serving you. To break free of old stories. Part of the magic of the Intentional Creativity method, which I will be guiding you through, is the vast ability it offers you to gain insights and the wisdom needed to break free of past stories and patterns that have been holding you to a place you no longer wish to be. In this supportive sisterhood community, you will finally adopt your new healthier habits. 

Statistics show that most 14-week programs with live coaching cost over $1799! I offer this program at a significantly reduced price to make it accessible for most women who are tired of putting off their goals, who are ready to leap forward into their dreams with support, community, creativity, and coaching! I offer this as a labor of love and service to set you on your path! Are you ready to join me? We will begin on March 26th, 2018.


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The time is NOW

Research suggests is takes 21 days to build a new habit. Here we have nearly 100 days for less than it would cost to eat out a couple of times per week. In 14 weeks, magic can happen. You MATTER! The time is NOW! Your goal is in reach and with a secret online community, supportive sisterhood, Intentional Creativity journal prompts and painting, plus online community coaching by JP Kim, you will be supported as you journey towards your goal! Is this journey on your piece of the red thread?


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WOW starts March 26th, 2018

We are all on the journey TOGETHER! Let's support one another! (JP Kim, Watercolor on Paper)

We are all on the journey TOGETHER! Let's support one another! (JP Kim, Watercolor on Paper)

In sisterhood, we are all on the journey together! While I will be your host, I will also be reaching for a goal, stretching out of my comfort zone. It's so easy to get lost in the busy-ness of life and lose focus on what really matters most: your health and your mental state. I know so many women, including myself that have been swearing we would take off that extra weight, start and stick to a mediation practice, a journaling practice, that mindfulness thing that makes us feel good when we do it every day. There are so many things that should be non-negotiable, but somehow they are last on your list, right? I get it. 

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Get Personal

The Aha in the Wow

 Personal Story and Why WOW Now

I was greatly inspired at the beginning of this month while teaching with a team of Intentional Creativity® teachers at a large retreat serving over 80 women on the Big Island of Hawaii. Experiencing the needs and desires for transformation made me feel it was time for me to make WOW happen NOW. Now, instead of waiting for things to be perfect.

I believe there is perfection in imperfection. Sure, there will always be changes and preparations we can do to make things better, or spend eons to get "ready" to do something that seems to always be in the planning stages. I understand. I've been there. I could always work more on my website, I could continue to practice filming more online classes, I could reserve myself for working only with private clients, I could hide myself away until I reach a body weight I feel completely comfortable with, I could put off connecting with others that have the need for help surrounding their healthy goals until I complete a half marathon. Truth is, we're all always trying to wait for the perfect conditions (mental, physical, internal, external) to do something. Procrastinate much? 

I decided I'm done waiting. Seeing those 80 women show up and claim time for themselves was inspiring. But hearing how they all put off their passions, hardly ever take time for themselves, or always put themselves last, was a rebel cry that i had to answer!!! Yes is a choice and I am ready to serve those ready to journey seriously towards their healthy goals with me. I choose to be here now to raise us all up! I'm not perfect, but I know how to move forward with determination, perseverance, enthusiasm, and positivity.

I've led a life-long quest for understanding consciousness. I've examined it through philosophy of mind, cognitive psychology, dynamical systems, and creativity.  I  Don't Have All The Answers, but what I do know is that The Areas of Our Life We Choose to dedicate ourselves to Wholeheartedly Is Where We Find Success. It may not manifest in a way we expect, but success shows up as a miracle in the way that best serves our growth and goals. That manifestation of our goals is achieved more easefully when we are in community with others intentionally focused on making that journey together. This makes the soil more fertile for the planting of the intentions and the birthing of those miracles. 

It may not manifest in a way we expect, but success shows up as a miracle in the way that best serves our growth and goals.
— JP Kim

Waiting for the perfect conditions is just another self-debilitating behavior we allow when we're not focused on what's important. Patterns and behaviors that spin us in circles of never being good enough, ready enough, worthy enough keep us from the highest, brightest from of ourselves.

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What is included in this program?

In the 14-week online WOW coaching program, you get:

  • Support and connection with amazing women in a private, intentional community directed to steer, encourage, comfort, support and inspire you on your chosen way.
  • You'll be prompted to journey inward for self-discovery of wisdom that can serve as a beacon for you on your journey and, also, for identification and removal of unconscious obstacles that may lie in your path.
  • Online community coaching by JP Kim to guide you on an easeful, thoughtful, and successful journey.
  • Red Thread Sisterhood Circle and other supportive and healing rituals
  • Evocative and inspiring exercises
  • Opportunities to activate creativity, confidence and consciousness
  • The famous 13-step Color of Woman painting technique (YAY. we're painting!!!) shared with you in a loving and spacious way to bring forth your Goddess of Well-Being. I will guide you step by step, week by week, as we journey to our goal through practice and painting. The Intentional Creativity® process will be infused in our painting and all of our actions through the program.
  • At completion, you will have a Goddess of Well-Being Painting who will serve to remind you of your power, strength, self-reliance, courage and will power that you manifested to reach your goal!
  • The skills to feel embodied and powerful
  • Capacities for increasing your energy and feeling better
  • The capacity to consciously respond instead of react
  • The proof that you are an Empowered Woman on the your chosen path

As a special BONUS, these AMAZING guest speakers will share INSPIRATION during your journey:

  • Jennifer Bowers
  • Katherine Witteman
  • Rachel Bavis
  • Tania Magennis
The 13-step Color of Woman painting journey and Intentional Creativity method are actions for mattering thought. I believe you can create your world as you dream it. Let’s dream out loud and make things happen together!
— JP Kim
The World Between Worlds Is Where We Create Our Worlds (JP Kim, Acrylic on Canvas)

The World Between Worlds Is Where We Create Our Worlds (JP Kim, Acrylic on Canvas)

What's the story you tell yourself to hold yourself back? What are you waiting for? Why not NOW? There is a bridge that can get you to WOW. The portals of possibility exist and can be accessed through creativity. In our journey we'll be using magic pens and magic paintbrushes to discover new pathways, to help us re-write our stories. It's time to be the star of the story, the (s)hero, and show yourself and everyone else how it can be done!

The 14-week WOW program includes the spaciousness to create our greatest ally, the Goddess of Wellbeing. Fourteen gorgeous, community supported, coach driven, creativity opening, magical weeks for AMAZING TRANSFORMATIONS (that's nearly 100 days!!!). What could you do in 100 days?


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Self-Actualization and Creativity

"JP Kim's programs are such a great exercise in self actualization and creativity. Powerful and fun - a good combo!"

Jessica K. Santa Cruz, CA

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Energy and Positivity

"I loved JP Kim's energy, positivity, creativity and enthusiasm, and her ability to make everyone feel connected. These were the best things I liked about working with her. I would absolutely recommend JP and her coaching services because she is talented and what she shares has a great value. JP is fun to be with and to learn from. The most important thing people should know about working with her is that she is warm and open-hearted, has a sense of humor and directness."

Marie Vickers, Inspired Space Stylist, Feng Shui Consultant and Professional Organizer for

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GREAT Coach!

"JP Kim is fun, energizing, to the point and shows me where I need to go (in the next step on my journey) very clearly and succinctly (in other words, she is a GREAT coach!). I've also benefited by seeing others do the same process and reading comments in her complimentary private Facebook community. I think the most important thing about working with her is that she has the ability to see everyone on their own individual path and is there to meet them where they are at! I really enjoyed working with JP and was delighted at the journey I took and surprised at the outcome in such a short amount of time."

Tania Magennis, Wonthaggi, Victoria, AU,

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Attention to Detail Amazing

Once I met JP Kim, I was excited to work with her! The Red Thread Circle was such a great bonding experience for all of us! I was amazed how quickly I felt the closeness of everyone go very deep. JP's attention to detail about every little thing was amazing! And I like how she kept encouraging everyone throughout the entire workshop. I love seeing my red thread circle bracelet. It reminds me of JP and the women and our time together! JP Kim has a lot of wisdom inside of her to share. Her passion and enthusiasm for this work shines through. 

Julie Elliott, Holistic Beauty Artist

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No art experience needed!

I was hesitant about the creativity session, being hopeless at art. I was hoping I wouldn't be expected to create a portrait, still life, etc. An important thing people should know about working with JP Kim is that you don't need any artistic experience to participate in any of her Creativity Sessions. JP will guide you through the process and you'll be surprised with the outcome! For me, that’s meant having what I created as a permanent reminder of what is important to me in life. I also enjoyed the Red Thread Circle-it’s important to know that as 'sisters' we are all linked & can draw on others experience, help & guidance... knowing we can 'tug' our imaginary thread at any time to call on our 'sisters.'

Gail Hay
Yoga Teacher, Advanced Relax & Renew Trainer
Sydney, Australia

WOW is an online community coaching and painting program brought to you by JP Kim of

JP Kim believes that when you have clear vision, access to your own creativity, connection and support, you can do almost anything.

JP Kim is an Intentional Creativity coach, Visionary Artist, and ConsciousArts facilitator who curates courses and coaching programs that speak to the quantum influence our intentions can have on reality. You can find her traveling the world offering coaching through retreats, in-person workshops, and online.

You can view her visionary artwork on display in San Francisco galleries and online at

Ready to WOW now?

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Reality is just a wall around your imagination.
— JP Kim

JP Kim curates classes, programs, and one on one coaching for women tired of putting off their soul work. If you want to move beyond debilitating self-criticism and procrastination to stand in your power, JP Kim offers guidance that will support you. JP Kim successfully helps organize your time & resources, say buh-bye to your inner critic, and ensure your confidence and productivity.

JP Kim lives with her passionate and supportive husband who she has been in relationship with for over 25 years! They have two thoughtful, bright sons that love to play and create things. Fur babies round out their loving home in San Francisco, California. 


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