The Art Shop

For me, being an artist bares my soul on a regular basis, taking my deepest, brightest thoughts and expressing them in a vulnerable, public way. I transfigure energy from my mind and the universe in such a way as to intentionally express love for all.

Through the creation process, I shift existential crises to easeful states of inner being. The Universe and I merge in a cosmic dance of familiarity and joy. I believe that when we perceive the world as part of us, love flows strongly between the world and us. This energetic state of love can be seen in all of the art genres my paintings take form in and in all that I offer here the Art Shop. My intention is for the energy of love to fill and surround you. Genres include: 

Art of Consciousness

Energetic Icons

En Plein Air


Watercolor Meditations

Windows of the Soul

Licensing Partnerships

If you’d like to become a licensing partner, I’d love to hear from you. Special inventory for corporate curation and private collections available. Contact me at to start the discussion.

Artist Bio

JP Kim’s artwork is a conscientious examination of that which is light in the world, the goodness that exists in us all, and the discovery of joy. She doesn’t shy away from more difficult topics, but works through it all on the canvas where her intentional, introspective process captures both the inner workings of her mind and the fleeting moments we all wish to hold onto.

A graduate of the Color of Woman School of Intentional Creativity, JP Kim is a certified Intentional Creativity coach, teacher, and visionary artist committed to the pursuit of understanding consciousness. She curates her courses, studio, and gallery space with works that speak to the quantum influence our intentions can have on reality. JP Kim can be found teaching and painting in the Bay Area and exotic locations, speaking about and teaching Intentional Creativity to those seeking to be free of stories and limiting beliefs, and helping all generations reach for and grasp their highest potential. JP Kim shows her work online and in galleries.