Energetic Icons

An icon is a statue or painting of a person or holy figure adored, honored, or revered. It is an object that brings ones closer to their own spiritual grace, whether that be nature, the universe, God, or One. I have a hypothesis that those objects that are most effective absorb, or somehow facilitate the energy of those that have sat with it. This idea came to me after painting the Quan Yin statue that sat in the meditation pool of Harbin Hot Springs. The painting was made one night after midnight in the dark. I could sense the energetic richness of the statue in colors that I wasn’t even able to see. This experience leads me to paint others as the opportunities arise.

Licensing Partnerships

If you’d like to become a licensing partner, I’d love to hear from you. Special inventory for corporate curation and private collections available. Contact me at theworldofjpkim@gmail.com to start the discussion.