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JP Kim


My personal life vision is for a world where one lives in love...

A feeling of connectedness is shared by all through the clear vision of who we are and the knowledge of our special gifts. In the sharing of these gifts, a light is shown from and on each one of us, allowing the flow of consciousness a steady, unbroken path that illuminates the pure beauty that exists in the world, in each living form and consciously attended and intended design.

My coaching services, classes, and artwork aim to inspire people to cultivate their gifts and live their biggest dreams. Customized programs can include creative ritual, painting, writing, plus psychology and leadership tests. It can be fun! If you’d like my help in mattering your world, let’s talk.

I'm passionate about your passion.


I believe you can matter your world as you dream it.


I am an intentional creative, consciousness curator, visionary artist, and rainbow warrior.

I believe in collaborative leadership. I’m a lifelong learner and love being in community. When we shine our light in the world it intensifies the beauty everywhere. I believe in sharing my knowledge to help others shine their light. I know what it’s like to search for where you fit in. I’ve honed in on my strengths and answered my calling, so that I can serve you to do the same.

I believe you can matter your world as you dream it.

When you have clear vision, access to your own creativity, connection and support, you can do almost anything. I have! I am. As a visionary artist and Intentional Creativity™ coach, my unique background affords me the opportunity to weave together many gifts for helping you understand your strengths and get insights into what matters most to you.

The Intentional Creativity™ process opens a portal for you to allow new information to overwrite patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. Wisdom and insight are generated and interpreted by you with my guidance.

At the heart of my teaching and coaching is the strengthening of one’s own ability to find answers and direction. Your intuitive self, which we all have inside of us, communicates freely when unencumbered with what might be the unintended reality one is living. Reality is just a wall around your imagination™. Seeking answers creatively frees your spirit.

The World of JP Kim is the perfect place to Tune Into Who You Are, Rebirth Your Creative Self, and Matter Your World.


I value love, connection, self-actualization, beauty, and consciousness. 

I believe that consciousness flows through each living form and intentional design and, when optimized, that is Beauty with a capital “B.”

I dream of living in a world where consciousness spreads like wildfire to awaken those stuck in stories penned by another, where being alive means being awake and sharing the gifts that only you have access to, where One's dreams of peace, love, and tranquility are the reality.