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Tune Into Who You Are, Rebirth Your Creative Self, Matter Your World.

Creativity is one way that you can tune inwards to access your innate wisdom. If you don't know what you want to do or create, that's where these classes can help. They’re self-paced and, once you purchase them, you can take them when ever and where ever you want. You can even do them over and over again, gaining greater insights and learning to find comfort in your creativity.

In these classes I use the Intentional Creativity™ (IC) method to help you tune into who you are, rebirth your creative self, and matter in your world. These classes are designed to bolster your courage, aid you in living on purpose, and support you in take action on your dreams.

Intentional Creativity™ is a method for turning thought into reality. Using your innate creativity, Intentional Creativity™ can help you work out an idea to arrive at a physical incarnation of your intention. Basically, Intentional Creativity™ is an action for mattering thought. If you want to create your world with mindfulness, IC is for you.

I believe you can create your world as you dream it. I coach women tired of waiting for the perfect circumstances to follow the calling of their true self. If you’re ready to move beyond people-pleasing, procrastination and self-criticism to release old stories and stand in you’re power, let’s do it! These classes and my coaching can help you bid farewell to that inner critic, boost your self-esteem, and intentionally embark on the soul work you’re meant to do in the world. Isn’t time to finally meet long-held dreams?

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A FREE Online Course

The Self Love Session

Time to Love yourself up!

JP Kim’s workshop was such a great exercise in self actualization and creativity. Powerful and fun — a good combo!!
— Jessica K., Santa Cruz, CA

When you have clear vision, access to your own creativity, connection and support, you can do almost anything.

Creativity is a vessel for deeper consciousness. I support people to tune their creative instrument and tune into themselves.

As an Intentional Creativity coach and ConsciousArts facilitator, I curate courses and coaching programs that speak to the quantum influence our intentions can have on reality. I travel around the world offering coaching through retreats, in-person workshops, but you can have a taste of these sessions right here with my online course collection. You are seeking tools to help free yourself from stories that no longer serve you and limiting beliefs that hold you back. This is the place to come into community and be supported as you reach for and grasp your highest potential.


I believe that courage is forward motion in spite of fear.


All classes include:




You are fun, energizing, and to the point. You show me where I need to go (in the next step on my journey) very clearly and succinctly (in other words you are a GREAT facilitator!). I’ve also benefited from seeing others do the same process and reading comments in your complimentary private Facebook group. I think the most important thing about working with you is that you see everyone on their own individual path and are there to meet them where they are at! I really enjoyed the class and was delighted at the journey I took and surprised at the outcome in such a short amount of time.
— Tania Magennis, Wonthaggi, Victoria, AU,

Complimentary Online Private Facebook Community

Join me on the road to expanded horizons in my complimentary online private Facebook community called The Good Red Road. Here, we do the best we are capable of doing, shining brightly to light our way and others. We lift one another up. We practice balance and inspired living. We follow and trust our inner voice. We question and explore. This is a Private Facebook Creativity and Consciousness Studies Community that I started following a vision quest where I felt divinely lead to a part of a text highlighting the words “The Good Red Road.” I discovered shortly thereafter that The Good Red Road is a symbol for the right path of life, where miracles begin. I found this powerful and immediately founded the community to share this path with others. I invite you to walk this path with me in community, to share what comes up for you and to inspire each other with stories and creativity.


Creativity is an invitation to the world between worlds, where we matter our worlds. Magic and ritual go hand in hand in heartfully creating the focus and space within which we travel.

A Red Thread Circle is a creative ritual that brings focus to the theme at hand and, while strengthening the community bond of those in circle together, lends strength to the voice of the individual and helps one gain insights and ownership over their own path. This is possible both in the in-person retreats and the online courses.

Once I met you, I was excited to work with you! The Red Thread Circle was such a great bonding experience for all of us! I was amazed by how quickly I felt the closeness of everyone go very deep. Your attention to detail about every little thing was amazing! And I like how you kept encouraging everyone throughout the entire workshop. I love seeing my red thread circle bracelet. It reminds me of you and the women and our time together! Yes, I would recommend you and your services! I loved your attention to detail and you have a lot of wisdom inside of you to share. Your passion and enthusiasm for this work shines through. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to explore their creative side in a deeper and more meaningful way. Thanks, JP! It was so great to meet and work with you and I hope to be with you again sometime!
— Julie Elliott, Holistic Beauty Artist,

In the Red Thread Circles, we dive deep into what it is to be awake, conscious, and self aware. Through ConsciousArts™, we take a creative journey of self discovery that can result in mattering our world meaningfully and in ways that nourish yourself and others.

Join me in ConsciousArts™ education to learn more about the way of the Red Thread and to travel with me to The World Between Worlds, Where We Matter Our Worlds.