JP Kim is my art moniker

JP Kim is my art moniker. I came up with it when signing my artwork with my given name began to feel awkward. Did you ever feel like your name didn’t really identify who you were or how you felt? Or maybe the job you do or the career you chose doesn’t represent you?

This came up for me when I came out of the art closet. I used to hide the fact that I was an artist, even though I’ve been creating since before I could talk. Painting was my first language. My mother, Sharmon Hoffman (May 27, 1950 – July 2, 2009) introduced me to the magic that can be found in painting. During the time that she raised me, she would encourage me to take paintbrush in hand, not only to pass the time peacefully, but to ease times of challenging intersections and crossroads.

OMG!! I’ll say it again...‘Oh! the places you’ll go!’ I can’t wait to see and hear and bathe in more of ALL of IT and you... For those of us with closeted ideas and wobbly hands, your “coming out” is a hymn of liberation that we audaciously feel entitled to claim. [and THAT’s another reason why you need to keep going].
— Liliana Berrittella Hoffman, Sarasota, FL, Docent
JP Kim and Mama Cabo

One of the first crossroads I experienced was when my parents divorced. My last name changed. I had a hyphenated name to start with, but after years of uncomfortably explaining the reason why, I dropped the hyphen and my first last name. My last name changed for the fourth time when I married, wanting to start a family and feeling one name would add to our cohesion. My first name has also changed by virtue of the many nicknames I’ve been given and adopted over my lifetime.

When your own name loses stability, how can it continue to represent the essence of you? It all began to feel artificial, like the stories you grow up hearing about yourself and then realize you’re still carrying around and, yet, they have nothing to do with you. The Real You.

The real me found painting to be a way to channel consciousness into my canvas in order to discover where thoughts lead, what emotions share, and how being is an insight in and of itself. This process is sacred and I’m thrilled to share it with you.

The Orbs in this painting, and spheres in general, are used for protection and healing. Different colors are said to provide different protections. The orbs in this painting energetically  promote Belonging, Safety and Security. If you would like to promote this further, you can visualize an orange sphere cast about you, glowing with the protective and healing powers of Belonging, Safety and Security. The spheres hold calming energy inside while guarding and deflecting any external energies that do not harmonize.]

Orbs of Belonging

JP Kim was born out of my necessity to identify with the essential me that gets expressed when I exercise my creativity. Kim is my middle name and one that has never changed. For me, it symbolically represents stability and strength. The core of my being holds everything up and I can shine my light brightly, unencumbered by past stories or expectations.

JP Kim Logo

Today, I am an intentional creative, consciousness curator, visionary artist, and rainbow warrior. VISIONARY ARTWORK, CONSCIOUSARTS EDUCATION, AND COLLABORATIVE COACHING are mine to share. I believe that when we shine our light in the world it intensifies the beauty everywhere. I don’t hide in closets anymore, and I use my knowledge to help others shine their light.

I know what it’s like to search for where you fit in. I believe you can create your world as you dream it. When you have clear vision, access to your own creativity, connection and support, you can do almost anything. My unique background in business, psychology, and creativity affords me the opportunity to weave together many gifts for helping you understand your strengths and get insights into mattering the most meaningful life you can lead.

Special Invitation

Please accept this special gift, a free online class called “Infinite Self Love”

In this fun and short class, I lead you through an Intentional Creativity journey to materialize your muse and illuminate the physical, mental and spiritual practices that allow you to connect to your essential being where self-love dwells, expands and propagates. Using your paints and magic paint brushes, you will access the well spring of infinite self-love that lives on in your core. Grab some red thread, watercolor paints, magic paint brushes, a candle, some sage, and something beautiful from nature.