As an artist I bare my soul. I take my deepest, brightest thoughts, express them in an intimate conversation with the canvas, and then reveal them to you in a vulnerable, public way.

When I art, I transfigure energy from my mind and the universe, intentionally expressing love for all. Sometimes this means I shift existential crises to be ease-full states of being. I believe the canvas is a magic portal of possibility. In front of it, the Universe and I merge in a cosmic dance, at once familiar and joyous. I believe that when we perceive the world as part of us, love flows strongly between the world and us. I believe there is a quantum influence our intentions can have on reality. This energetic state of love I create permeates my art. Allow the energy of love to fill you up and surround you.

JP Kim’s artwork is a conscientious examination of that which is light in the world, the goodness that exists in us all, and the discovery of joy. She doesn’t shy away from more difficult topics, but works through it all on the canvas where her intentional, introspective process captures both the inner workings of her mind and the fleeting moments we all wish to hold onto.


Commissions are like journeys we travel together.

The Art of Presence

In the Art of Presence, I take you on an Essence Identity journey to the core of your being, where we commune with the essential parts of your innermost being that are interested in being revealed — your true nature. Your Essence Identity is the central being that always stands within. Different from the muse, it's the person that represents who you are if all of your being were in alignment. This is an in-depth painting that illuminates the alignment of the physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological aspects of you. If all of these parts were in alignment, how would they show to the world? 

Wedding Illumination/Ketubah

A Ketubah is traditionally a Jewish marriage contract that beautifully and artistically demonstrates the intention of the marriage partnership. Wedding Illuminations can be used to illuminate your vows of love to one another, combine meaningful symbols to visually illustrate your relationship, or intentionally create a work of art that serves as an energetic talisman of the love contract you are entering into. These are personal and sacred works of art.

Sacred Symbol Storyteller

The Sacred Symbol Storyteller is who or what shows up when we look at the shamanic symbols and animal medicine that may be present for you in your present life and/or in your lifetime. Personal animal totems and medicine baskets are collaboratively explored to reveal meaningful symbols and messages that will best energetically and intentionally serve you on your human journey. This is a collaborative venture in which I will lead you through some exercises to gain insight for the painting. The process will strengthen your intuition, self-awareness, and self-love. You will feel yourself called to embark on this journey.

Other ideas?

Let’s discuss. Finished pieces can be paintings, jewelry, home accessories, or prep for a tattoo. Pricing is project-based.

Contact me to dive in further.

Licensing Partnerships

Email me to learn about special inventory for corporate curation and private collections available.