JP Kim is a successful entrepreneur, visionary artist, live painting performer, intentional creativity peak performance and empowerment coach, lover, mom and friend…

JP Kim is the Queen Visionary around here. She founded The World of JP Kim as a company dedicated to purpose-driven, heart-centered souls of the world making or longing to make a difference by sharing their unique gifts. If you want to learn proficient, creative, mindful and fun ways to show up consistently for what matters most, this is the place to be.

JP Kim has been featured at Harvard University, The Ohio State University and retreats around the world for effectively shaping mindset, motivation and momentum. She holds degrees in Communications, Consciousness Studies and Cognitive Psychology. Tools to manage your mind, build resilience, and tap your inner wisdom are in her wheelhouse.

From personal growth to beyond. It’s JP Kim’s mission to inspire others to live on purpose, create successful money-making businesses and have fun doing it! Find fulfillment and create the success you dream of with JP Kim’s one-to-one coaching, online classes and luxury retreats around the world.

—live on purpose for a life well-lived—

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